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Subways, trains and bicycles are a big part of how Japanese people go to one place to another. I find funny and annoying at the same time how even to ride bicycles they have so many rules and penalties… I think that in the end is how things works so well

Bicycles in Japan usually comes with a bell to be use as a warning to people that you want to pass because everybody uses the sidewalk. In this video a funny guy shows how people immediately go out of the way when earing the bike bell… even when is not a place to ride a bike… hahahaha

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Well as any other place Japanese women has their dislikes about apperance. One of the things they try to change is the shape of their eyes. Sometimes making look bigger using lenses or, like in this case, trying to shape the eyelid to get a more “western” look. Plastic surgery to achieve that is common but a special glue for temporary purposes can be used too.

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